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New York Nov. 18, 1922

Dear Anna Anderson and all your big and little,

You must excuse me for that I have put off so log with to write. I have many to write to and it is only in the evening when I get an oppportunity. During the day it is continuously either the telephone which rings or it is someonw who comes and interrupts so one can not get the opportunity to wirte an orderly letter so it gets set aside one time after another or so it goes in delay. Bent so I must beg you all an apology and hope that your are not angry at me because I have been so slow. I shall try to do better hereafter. First I shall thank you for the last time I saw you and for all the fun you always show toward me when I come out there and so I have heard that you built a new house, so I will congratulate you with that and wish you good health and luck in your comfortable home. If you have a portrait of it, I would gladly have one, and if not so, will I have to wait until I come out there and get to see it. Hope that you all have good health and that all is well. I somehow am homesick to see you again for it has been a long time since I saw you. I see all your kids are grown up so I wouldn't know them again. Yes, now goes it til Christmas and soon another year ends. Time flies so fast. We shall soon wander away from here. If I live until summer, imagine, I will be 70 years old. I think it wasn't very long since I was a young boy. Remember Anna, the first time I came out there with two of my children? The little girl who wanted an umbrella from you now has five children. The biggest will soon be 16 years old, so you see how time flies. We held out on (note missing page 4) ...

... with smaller something goes crazy or bankrupt and we have had a big job through them and so we have had many catastrophes. I lost a lawsuit of $15,000 and one of $3,000 this last year. This is through the same state in Ravenet, so it is not all gold that gitters. But that is the world's way we muct contend with our job. Our Lord has given and can take. It all belongs to Him so Job said when he lost it all. Naked came I into the world and naked must I leave. The Lord's name was promised if we only could leave it all in God's hands. So would it all go better, but we want to do things by ourselves and that is not pleasant for God. Things are to let Him guide who has all the power in His hand. We have not so long to live here. Let us get ready for the eternal trip so that we must have oil in our lamps when He comes to take us home. Today is the time of Grace. Today is God to find. May the good God help us all to remember our position that we one day shall go forward and give an account of what we have done, thought and said. He has recorded our lives in His Book. Yes, let us dare and pray that we shall not be doomed. God help us all for Jesus' sake. Greet all relatives and friends and wirte when you can.

From your uncle,

H. H. Lee

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