Anna Reiner was the mother of Benedict, grandmother of Fanny, and according to her granddaugher, the heiress to a stud farm. This latter is likely untrue as it seems Fanny liked to exagerate her family background. Our 2nd cousin, also descended from Benedikt has done some research and discovered that Anna had 5 illegitimate children!

Family rumor is that she had an affair with the priest back in Griesbach (near Safferstetten) and that he was Benedict's father. However his birth record shows his father as an itinerant farm laborer who was not married to his mother.

from Trudi Beyer

"This cross belonged to my greatgrandmother Anna Reiner; it was called a "Sterbendreutz" supposedly in the family for quite a long time.  It is in the baroque style 1600-1700 but my father did not think that it was carved before 1800. But the carving is lordy and delicate; the back lifts up to show bones of some (obscure) saints mounted in real gold thread"

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