March 1st—Friday

Gave Lees lessons in the afternoon. Had coffee as usual and had a very good time. Played checkers and stayed for supper. Then left for the city with Mr. Lee, who left me at 9th St. Met Anna at Bridge St., on returning and enjoyed her charming society on the way home.

March 2nd—Saturday

Last night after choir rehearsal, Anna, Miss Gunsten and I had company on the “L” train. Saw my good friend home and enjoyed the usual delights.

March 3rd.—Sunday

Had a good service in church this morning, Praise service in the evening. My friend was there. Good time.

March 5th—Tuesday

Received this morning a beautiful, and warm letter from Anna, her “first”. In Park Row, New York, today, I was quite surprised to meet Peter Andersen. We took lunch at Dennett’ s, and then went uptown to an organ recital.

March 8th—Friday

Gave Lees lessons in afternoon. Good time. Home for supper then to New York Ave. M.E. Church and played for the committee. Male Chorus was at Hegges’. I came there late but managed to get some good out of it, Carl Tollefsen there.

March 10th—Sunday

Anna and I attended service this afternoon at First Pres. Church, Went to Bristol’s for supper after which we took a walk, and then went home. Anna had intended to go to our church in the evening, but as it began to rain, changed her mind on the train, and thus we both came home at an early hour.

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