[handwritten note at the top of my copy of LJM’s journal: Marian found this diary of my father’s going back to the beginning of the 20th century Love Dad

This was typed up by Marian and now scanned in by Kitty]

Lawrence J Munson was the musically talented son of Norwegian immigrants. His whole family contributed to his musical education. He played piano and organ and gave lessons and held the organist position at the church frequented by the Norwegian community in Brooklyn where he and his family lived. When he and Anna met in 1900, he was 22 and she was 16. Her parents were also Norwegain immigrants and were very fond of Lawrence (or Louis as he was called then) and employed him to give piano lessons to their two daughters.

Feb. 18th Sunday, 1900

Played my first service at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Lafayette Ave. and St. James Place, Brooklyn. Have accepted the position tendered me here by Mr. Woodman as his assistant. Contract signed to May 1, 1901. I will play and have full charge and responsibility for every Sunday morning service. Mr. Woodman himself will take care of the evening service. This he can do as the services in his own church, The First Pres., are held mornings at eleven, and afternoons at four o’clock.

Everything went well at my service this morning, and as the organ is a very fine instrument, and the choir and quartet good, I am sure I shall like my work here very much, though it will be hard.

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