The Stephenson clan have a family reunion every year on the last day of July in Illinois. They now spell their name Stevenson.

Lars Fjaere Stephenson (1828-1921) and Anna Halvorsdatter Skjold (1832-1911) are the progenators of this clan.  They were married back in Norway and did not emigrate to America until after the Civil War in 1867 with their three children, one a baby. From Stavanger to Quebec, then a steamship to Chicago. Then 60 more miles to Kendall county where Lars already had family. Initally Lars worked as a day laborer and eventually he bought an 80 acre farm in Grundy county.

Their children were  Oliver Stevenson (1869 -1925, 10 children); Stephen Stephenson (1863-1929); Martha Stephenson (1865-1897);  Guro Stephenson (1867-1960); Anna Carena Stephenson Anderson (1871-1945, 6 children); Henry Lewis Stephenson (1872-1893) and Iver Asmund Stephenson(1875-1900).

Inscription on back: Henry Lee (driving), Anne (Stevenson) Anderson (right), Mr and Mrs John Chally (back sitting), Sara Chally (back standing)

Anna is the oldest sibling of H.H.Lee and they remained close throughout their lives with HH occasionally visiting in Illinois.

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