from "Dadda" by Alexander Lee

   Back in Brooklyn again, he bought a Hudson touring car. I suppose they taught him how to drive it, but the first time he went out in it, Uncle Herman drove. Marian and I were proud passengers. We went to the L.I. Railroad station at Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street – the heart of downtown Brooklyn.

   Uncle Herman got off to take the subway to the Battery – at the southern tip of Manhattan, where the Lee offices were on the eleventh floor of 44 Whitehall Street.

   Dadda proudly took over the driver's seat. As we drove along Fulton Street, he was greeted several times by men we passed. "Hi Lee." Dadda waved back happily. I don’t know if that distracted him or not, but a huge trolley car suddenly got in our way. It had a large steel-netted cow-catcher the front edge of which was inches above the cobble stone pavement. Dadda managed to run the Hudson right up on the cow-catcher where he and the motorman stared hostility at each other.

Inscription on back: Henry Lee (driving), Anne (Stevenson) Ansderson (right), Mr and Mrs John Chally (back sitting), Sara Chally (back standing)

   Dadda and Mormor were deeply religious people. Dadda persuaded 27 th Street Church to move to a new building (to be built) at 4 th Avenue and 46 th Street. He handed them a sizable contribution to persuade them. After they had moved into the house he had built in Hempstead Gardens, L.I., they continued to go to the 46 th Street Norwegian Lutheran Church, even though it meant a 20 mile trip each way.

   The next car he bought was a Hudson Sedan, which tended to be a little top-heavy – but was much warmer for cold weather driving.

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