Judit Lipshuetz portrait 
Judit Lipshütz 1748-1842 (94)

Langermann Portrait and Photo Gallery

Ancestors of Siegfried J. Thannhauser 
and Bella Thannhauser Wirtz

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Jacob Gugenheimer portrait 
great-grandfather Jacob Gugenheimer (son of Judit) 1777-1850 (73)
Regina Gundelfinger Gugenheimer 
great-grandmother Regina Gundelfinger Gugenheimer 1784-1858 (74)
Loeb Langermann portrait 
Löb Joel Langermann 
abt. 1790-1875 (75)
Semele Steinhardt Langermann portrait 
great-grandmother Semele Steinhardt Langermann 1791-1875 (74)
Auguste Gugenheimer Langermann portrait 
grandmother Auguste Gugenheimer 
Langermann 1822-1897 (75)
Salomon Langermann portrait 
grandfather Salomon Löw Langermann 
1820-1877 (57)

langermann family group 
Auguste with three of her children and Lina's children (L to R) 
perhaps Siegfried Joseph Thannhauser?**, Josie (d 1943), Auguste, Charlotte (Lotte), Bella, Karolina (Lina) 
Lotte and Lina married the brothers Thannhauser and were the mothers of Siegfried and Bella
** Siegfried was 3 1/2 years older than Josie and 5 years older than Bella, perhaps just had a growth spurt?