July 1st—Sunday

Played the two services at Emmanuel. Going home, at 36th St. Union Depot, met some friends from our church, among them Mr. Lee and Miss Anna Lee, -and Mr. and Mrs. Hanson.

July 4th—Wednesday

Awfully warm day. John and I went to the Armory on Sumner Avenue where the singing contest of the German Societies for the Kaiser prize took place. The Brooklyn Anon and Philadelphia Choir were the leading organizations, especially the latter. The song they each and all sang was “Das Deutsche Lied” by P. Tassbaendero Words were by Adolph Hachtmann.

The Sunday School of our church had a picnic in Prospect Park today, After just getting there, and having partaken of some lunch, thanks to the hospitality of Mrs. Louis Larsen, a heavy thunderstorm set down upon us. It lasted over an hour. We were sheltered from the rain though, and after it had subsided we were soon found playing games on the lawn. Most of the choirmembers were present, including my good friend Godfried with his fiancee, Miss Olsen. Miss Anna Lee came on her wheel, and joined us in some of the fun.

July 5th—Thursday

Longing very much to see a little friend who has ever been dear to me, though more so now, I took courage and rode down to the house on my wheel, and was most courteously received by mother and daughter. After spending a pleasant time at the house, and partaking of coffee and cake, I took a ride with the Miss, and had in every sense, a “sweet” time.

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