December 29th—Saturday

Anna has now been with us in the choir about a month and a half. Her presence has made the choir meetings doubly interesting to me. I have generally seen her home after rehearsals. Did so tonight, and we took an extra walk down Second Ave. Went a step further tonight than I dared to go on Nov.10th last, Took and made a vow! The most charming music I have ever heard was the silvery utterance of the all—important “Yes”.

God bless that angel of a Soul, and make our future happy and blissful. May He stamp His divine approval on our agreements. Have for quite some time laid this solemn matter before my Lord and Savior, and have petitioned Him for wisdom and guidance. I have begged Him not to suffer anything to take place that is not in accord with his will. And though I will further pray for light, yet am I made to believe that He graciously approves. May I further learn to thank and praise His holy name for all his Fatherly mercies, And may I in return for His blessings, become more consecrated and devoted in life and work. O Lord, bless thou Anna, my beloved, and me, I humbly beseech!

Our engagement, however, is to be kept secret for the present. Though I would have scorned the idea, a month or two ago, of having any such understanding with the girl, without first having laid the matter before her parents for their approval, yet have I been made to take the step, in consideration of our mutually apprehended love, and the evident friendliness of her folks, and because of the delightful idea of stepping over the threshold into the new century “hand in hand”, and with heart beating for heart. In other words, making a contract in the old which was to be lived up to in the new century.

I will, at the proper time, lay the matter before her parents, In the meantime, our understanding will be preciously safeguarded against publicity or curious “busy bodies." Anna’s youth, sixteen, is the principal reason.

Dec 30th—Sunday

Live most happily in the memory of last night. Josie and Miss Margaret Bie attended the service in my church, Emmanuel Baptist, this forenoon. It was our Christmas service and was very fine. Church most handsomely decorated, Music good. Gave a goodly portion of St. Mary Magdaline by Stainer, and other things. Home for dinner. We had all been invited to Lees’ today, so we went there in the afternoon. They had expected us for dinner, but owing to a misunderstanding, on my part, I think, we thought it was the afternoon.

Oscar is in Philadelphia busy looking over the stock and books, to have everything in hand for the yearly report. Had a very good time at Lees’. They had some other friends there. It rained hard going home, and we were unfortunate with cars. Manna and Josie stayed at home all day. Little Eleanore was indisposed.


Anna and I spent a lovely time together this afternoon. Had a good walk and conversation. “Wake Meeting” was held this evening in our church. Mixed Chorus sang. Anna received my first New Year’s greetings. The meeting was impressive. Left the old and entered the new year and century with devout prayer. The Lord hear my humble supplication for His name’s sake.

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