December 24th

The year and century is nearing its close. It has, everything taken together, been a most pleasant year for me. During the month I have been with Anna a few times, but we are both busy; I with my work, and she with her school studies. We sent Alfred down to the house with a few insignificant gifts. Late in the afternoon, Josie, Oscar, the children and Miss Bie came from Philadelphia to spend the Christmas holidays with us. We were most happy to see them and will enjoy their stay.

December 25th—Christmas

Almost all of us attended Hegge's church this morning. Oscar, Miss Margaret Bie, John, Alfred and I walked to the church by way of Greenwood and paid a visit to Agnes’ grave. It looks well cared for. On last Sunday Anna and I put a wreath of evergreens on it. Service in church was very impressive. So nice to attend a service in my own church for a change. The Male Chorus was there and sang one of my compositions with great success and enthusiasm. This song I wrote earlier in the month after unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable Christmas song. They also sang “The Heavens Declare” by Beethoven. No one but the Male Chorus knew that the first song was my own. I enjoyed the secrecy, Wanting, for the fun of it, to know Rev. Hegge's opinion of my song, I asked him what he thought of our Christmas song. He was very complimentary, which meant a great deal, coming from him who never flatters. I was greatly amused by the fun, and pleased that he liked my song better than the Beethoven.

As we came from the car on our way home, I spied Anna and Helen Lee. I hastily caught up to them and we exchanged Christmas greetings. They had been over to the house—and also to church, but had left early with Christmas gifts. I was very happy to find that Anna had brought and given me a beautiful painting of pansies in a lovely frame. I indeed felt proud of it, and I remembered that some years ago, Anna had promised to paint a picture for me. She has since referred to it several times but has not taken any painting lessons for some time. The pansies are artistically painted, and will be a source of pleasant delight to me.

Dec. 26th—Wednesday

Called on Anna this afternoon and spent the afternoon with her in her parlor. We had coffee together, and had a nice time, In the evening, again we met at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church, where there was a Christmas festival for the seamen. I presided at the organ, and my Male Chorus sang. Very enjoyable.

Dec. 27th—Thursday

Young people’s society of our church had a Christmas tree festival. Josie was there.

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