Mother and Dad [ed note L.J.Munson and Anna Lee] were married on Wednesday, September 2nd, 1903

In 1905, Dad went to Paris to study organ with Alexandre Guilmant, and piano with Moritz Moskowski. At that time, they gave up their apartment, and Mother moved in with her parents.

In 1907, Alexander Lawrence was born. Marian Josephine came in 1910, Henry Lee in 1911, Anne Louise was born in 1914 and Lawrence Shipley arrived in 1920. The Munsons stayed with the Lees at 446—8th Street until 1914, when Dada and Mormor moved to Hempstead Gardens, on Long Island. The Munsons lived at 529—9th St. for about a year. In 1916, Dad took over the Kellerman Institute Of Musical Art, at 357 Ovington Avenue. The name was changed to the Munson School Of Music.

When Lawrence was about seven years old, he had diphtheria. Henry and Anne caught it, too. Since we shared our living quarters with the school, they had to go to a hospital for contagious diseases. That was very painful for Mother and. Dad, so they decided to get a separate house for the family. In the summer of 1928, we moved to 117 Meadbrook Road, Garden City, Long Island.

Mother had only a year to enjoy it, since an automobile accident cut short that beautiful life in June, 1929.

When we were children, Dad used to say frequently,”Aren't you glad I picked out such a good mother for you?” We are all very glad. Our lives are richer for having had such exceptional parents.

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