Aug. l9th—Sunday

It seems particularly strange to spend a Sunday so far from home. Have met some very nice people up here, which helps to make the stay more agreeable than it otherwise would be. They are Mr. and Mrs. Lundgren with their two sons. Mr. Lundgren is an especially nice and friendly gentleman. He is a Swedish attorney with an office in New York.

Today, I again took a long walk which led me through a very picturesque country. There was especially a large tract of woods which interested me, and which was the place of devout reflection and meditation. I am more aware now than ever of the wonderful influence Nature has on the human soul. How nice it is to spend an hour or more in a quiet, breezy wood. It is something so unearthly, so divine. The serene atmosphere which pervades the forest with all its wild bird lays and twitterings, and with the more dignified and solemn strains of the breeze swayed cedars and pines, is indeed imposing. There is something here that lifts the soul into a higher realm— — to God. It seems so very natural here to commune with the Creator, and the soul does so even before the mind is conscious thereof.

It was therefore my privilege, on this ideal Sabbath day, to spend some time in this cool, shaded and peaceful woods, alone with my Maker and Father, invoking his Grace, protection, and guidance for the future as well as the present. I had also a special plea, which was again presented at this place, humbly but with warmth. And will not God the Father of Love and Mercy hear?

Aug. 22nd—Tuesday

With two friends who are stopping at the house with me, I took the 2 1/2 mile walk to White Lake. We spent an hour on the beautiful lake and all told had a very good time. I took some pictures. Visited the Post Office before returning, and received several letters and papers. Among the letters was one from my little friend in answer to my letter of last week. Black Lake which was not far from the house was the scene of some rowing and fishing during my stay up here, much to my enjoyment.

Aug. 23rd.—Wednesday

Arose and had breakfast early this morning in preparation for leaving. Was surprised and honored to find the whole household up very early to see me off. My stay has been most pleasant, but for some reason, or other I was exceptionally happy to turn my steps homeward. My trip home was pleasant, but devoid of any special incident, and I reached home in good time for supper and received welcome smiles from my folks.

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