April 22nd—Monday

Things are again quiet in the Male Chorus after the rather severe storm of the last few weeks. I carried my point before, I only asked justice and no favors. Cause of the unfortunate misunderstanding is due almost entirely to short-sightedness and lack of consideration. I have not charged malice or envy.

April 24th—Wednesday

Have for weeks worked hard preparing for the recital which comes off tonight, It rained hard an day. Rested in afternoon and hoped for clear weather in the evening, but was diappointed as the rain caine down in torrents, Consequently the audience was small, although it appeared large, considering conditions. Dr. Hempstone came with the idea of postponing the recital a week or so, and after considering this a moment, decided to do so. He made the announcement from the pulpit. I was not going to send away the people who had braved the weather, however, so I played. I had the doctor announce, along with the postponment, that I would play Sonata No.Vl by Mendelssohn, and also the little “Andantino” by Lemare. After the people had left, I had the organ loft jammed with friends, and played for them almost the entire program.

April 27th—Saturday

Saw Anna in afternoon, Sent telegram of congratulations to Josie, which however did not reach her in time. Lees are preparing to move downtown again. Anna and I are very sorry as it will distance us somewhat, but we will manage to make up in some way. We look forward to the coming summer with great pleasure and expectation.

Since tonight is the last time I would see her to her Bay Ridge home, on 78th St., the house which has been so dear to me, and where I have had so many a good time, we decided to walk home from church after rehearsal, This we did, I met her on 39th St. and we walked up to and along Ft. Hamilton Ave. through Highlawn Woods, where we lingered a moment, and then home. On coming home rather late, I was not a little surprised to find Josie and Oscar in the house. They had come from Philadelphia in the early evening.

April 28th—Sunday

Played my last service as organist or assistant organist of Emmanuel Baptist Church, B’klyn. My time is up. Said Goodbye. Have at present no church of my own but feel contented, believing I soon will get some position or other, having laid my case before my Lord. My sweet friend was present today as a consoling angel.

Expected the Lees up in the afternoon but they did not come. Oscar leaves early tomorrow morning, but Josie will stay over a week. Miss Bie, the younger of the children who stopped over some weeks ago, is with her older sister, Margarite, speeding on her way to Mobile, Alabama, where she will meet her lover and marry.

April 29th—Monday

Mamma, Josie and several others were at Inga’s today. After practicing some hours at Emmanuel, I stopped in for a while. Mrs. Lee and Anna had called at the house, only to find everyone out, which was most unfortunate.

April 30th—Tuesday

Am working awfully hard preparing for my recital. Merkel’s G minor Sonata gives me most concern. I feel confident though of success, Received a letter from Anna saying, in reply to my asking if a farewell call at the house before moving would be agreeable tomorrow afternoon, that a visit would be “most agreeable".

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