After much travail, we have located the records of our ancestor Lars Monsen (1781-1835) in Norway and thus his ancestors. That story is on my genetic genealogy blog. Because he was such a distinguished ancestor it was his surname that his grandson used when he emigrated to America.

Lars was the last of eight children born on a farm Åstveit near Bergen. He went to sea and was presumably involved in smuggling grain through the British blockades during the Napoleanic Wars when Denmark/Norway sided with France. He married far away in Farsund (near Kristiansand the southernmost city in Norway).

Later in life he was a "vector" in Kristiansand, something like a town crier in America, a very respected position. According to cousin Lee, "When he was a "Vektor" in Kristiansand, he was an important man, and was listed in the archives as a notable official (vektor) when he attended attending weddings and other functions recorded. The Vektor's job functions included both town crier and constable or policeman, according to the genealogy professionals at the State Archives."

 This is what we know of his ancestry so far:




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