June 3rd—Sunday

Had good service at Emmanuel. Miss Anna Lee honored me with a visit to the church this morning. I have for some time invited her to attend. The day was smiling and beautiful and Miss Lee was in good accord with same.

June 17—Sunday

Our Y.P.L. had an outing in the wood on Ft. Hamilton Ave. and 44th St. An hour was given over to devotional exercises presided over by Godfried, at present chairman of the Society. Some games followed. Mr. Lee with his whole family was here. Learned of it being Anna’s birthday today, and gave her a rose I had in my buttonhole. She told me of having been presented, by her father, with a bicycle. I congratulated her and expressed my joy.

June 21st—Thursday

Yesterday morning, Godfried and I went with our wheels to Staten Island to do some riding and also to visit Josie. We returned this afternoon. Had a lovely time. We rode quite a distance on the island, yesterday, and spying an inviting cherry tree, with rich fruit, along the roadway, we halted and were soon so preoccupied with eating that we became oblivious to everything else but cherries.

On arriving home was happy to find, as I surmised I would, Miss Anna Lee present.

She said to me on Tuesday last when I was down to her house giving lessons, that she would be out one day to give Mamma the pictures taken on last Decoration Day at Highlawn Woods. She had the pictures and they were good. Have been discouraged with my own attempts at portraiture of last Decoration Day. I had Miss Lee pose several times at pretty places, and when I came to develop the photos, there was not a trace of her to be found on any. Imagine my anger and disgust! Could it possibly be an ill omen? Must banish instantly such thoughts. Am resolved to soon make another effort at getting her picture, and shall have it then—--or burst.

Rode down with Miss Lee to see the new house they have rented on 78th St. and then saw her part way home. We rode along Ft. Hamilton Ave. to the Park and then through the same. Part of the way we walked, and went down 14th St. I left her at about 7th Ave

Godfried and I took tin-type pictures at South Beach yesterday, and in showing them to Anna Lee, she asked to have one of mine, which I couldn’t refuse. As we left our house though, I asked to carry it for her, hoping she then would forget to get it back. I was no sooner beginning to enjoy the success of my scheme, when she returned, after we had parted, and called for the picture which I then gave up.

June 24th—Sunday

Mr. Woodman has left town, and I have full charge of choir and everything. Music very good today, and I was well satisfied. This is the last Sunday for the choir before vacation. Met Miss Anna Lee by appointment tonight at Court St. and 1st P1., and we went to church together. Walked with her home—very enjoyable. Her folks will move this coming week to Bay Ridge—7Sth St. between 3rd and 4th Avenues. Am looking forward to a very pleasant summer,

June 28th—Thursday

Mrs. Lee and Anna had invited me last week to stop in today and see the new house, and have a cup of coffee with them. Stopped in accordingly today, and found Anna Lee alone, her mother not having come out. Miss Lee was not in the best of spirits as their old landlord, when informed of their leaving his house, two months after May 1, had threatened a law suit. Was shown about the house and then left shortly.

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