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We shall travel to Norway May 24 with Stavanger Fjord

New York May 3, 1927

My dear friends and relatives,

It is with great sadness and sorrow that I sit here and write this letter. It came so unexpectedly that I was not able to control myself for to cry. Thoughts over the many happy times which we have had there with you together. I know what it is to lose your mate and companion in life. That is touch, but when God calls so must we go and I have the hope that he got to go luckily home and that you dear Anna and brother who are left will be contented either in that God who gave hime and so took your dear man and father away from you manages to bring you nearer to Him. He will give you mercy to bear your sorrow. Nevertheless is it hard, that I know, but He who has taken your dear one aeay will give you strength to bear the sorrow. When I received the telegram I thought it was Steve which it would have been good if he could have gone, but imagine E. Anderson is gone, that is something. I can't beleive it. He was a young man but when the Lord calls so isit not age he looks at. Yes I sympathize with you all and God alone can strenghten you to bear the sorrow and burden. You haven't written that he has been sick. Will you be so good and let me know what he died from? I would have liked to have come out to the funeral but I and my wife are getting ready for a Norway trip so I have no chance (to come). Now I hope you will excuse me when I can not do anything for the dead so would I rather see hme as he was when I visited him in Aurora. I enclose in the letter a check for flowers which I asked for in a telegram. You will find $10 to pay it with.

You are always in (my) memory, friends and relatives

Henry H. Lee

Ed Note: Ed Anderson died May 1, 1927 at age 62. Anna that he refers to is Ed's wife, Henry's niece, Anna's sister Julia and brother Steve were still living. Henry and his wife traveled to Norway aboard the ship Stavanger Fjord and returned to New York Aug 18 1927.

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