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                                                       New York, Sept 11, 1928

My dear relatives and friends,

As I some time ago received your very welcome letter, I first of all will thank you for the letter and also thank you for our latest visit with you. I understand you are all healthy, which is the very best of all. So we can say, too, we are all healthy. My wife is really well after the bad illness she had while we visited you. I truly must praise the medicine doctor we saw in Paxton (?), he was clever. I am feeling well except for my teeth. Lately my teeth have bothered me, and I hope when I have got in the “Keye”(?) I will become OK.
We have a wonderful weather here now and I hope you enjoy the same, as this is real good corn (or seed) weather, warm and comfortable and pretty much rain. We think nearly too much rain, but we have to be content with what God gives us. He can both take and give so let us thank him for it all. When have you planned the trip to New York which we talked about? I see (from the letter) that your son have had an accident, hope he is fine now and got back his position, as I understood he had a good job then. I see from your letter you are asking for the address of Bertha Nerheim, which is 665-49 St, Brooklyn, NY. I have not seen any of them for a long time except for her oldest son who I met last Sunday. He told they were all doing fine. As I by now nearly have finished all business, I do no longer keep as much in touch with them as earlier. We live 22 miles away from them. I now handle most matters more calmly as I have reached the age when I need more silence and good days, as I presume I do not have too many years left to live. And as God has arranged it so for me that I do not have to worry for what to eat the next day, I can take it easy and talk to my Saviour about my journey to Heaven, as we all have an immortal soul for which He has paid such a high price. We will all one day have to settle with Him and be judged after his word.

Greetings to all from your uncle Henry H. Lee with wife.

Written at the top of sheet 1: Greet Cherleys and Stevens from us

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