Called at Lees’ in the evening. Met Henry and Anna. Spent an hour or so on the porch


All of us down to Lees’. Had a splendid time. The Male Chorus met and rehearsed for the church evening service.


Gertrude and I went to Staten Island to visit Josie and stay a few days.


Had a good time at Josie’s. Alfred came in the afternoon and left for home with Gertrude in the evening. I took some pictures in the garden.


Took a bath in the bay with Mr. Axel Bie in the morning. Miss Anna Lee came over to Staten Island this forenoon by invitation. Met her at South Beach as she came in with the little Ft. Hamilton Ferry, and escorted her first home to Josie. After luncheon, we had a most charming ride together over the lovely winding roads and through the beautiful country of the island. After returning to Josie for dinner, and having a short but pleasant time with her and Oscar, we returned by way of the little ferry from South Beach, which took us tonight to Bath Beach. From there we rode home.

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