Our earliest known Thannhauser ancestor was Samson Isaac who moved to Moenchsdeggengin from Thannhausen in the early 1700s. The family name was adopted in 1813 (see the article on the origin of the name).

After several generations our ancestor Abraham Thannhauser, our Opa Siegfried's grandfather, moved to Munich. As did his sister Mina who married a Thannhauser from Hürben. Her son Heinrich was a famous art collector and her grandson Justin, our Opa's close 2nd cousin and friend, gave his collection to the Guggenheim museum.

Descendants of Samson Isaac of Thannhausen

Samson (Isaac) (d: 1752 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia) first appears in 1713 Moenchsdeggingen tax rolls, so must have emigrated from Thannhausen around then. Had a son: Jakob Loew (d: August 06, 1801 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia) married Lea (m August 19, 1744) (and may later have married Besle ) he had a son: Samson Jakob Loew (b: in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia d: April 28, 1795 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia) married Veile (Feil) daughter of Elchanan (b 1748 d. March 20, 1837 Moenchsdeggingen) and had at least one son: Baruch Loeb Thanhauser (b: October 27, 1782 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia d: November 07, 1862 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia) married Sorla Kutz (m: October 27, 1808 d: Abt. 1818) , they had no children and he got married again after Sorla’s death to her sister Hanna Kutz (m: September 01, 1818 d: December 07, 1862 in Moenchsdeggingen) (n.b. we are in touch with a number of other Kutz descendants) with whom he had 11 children:

  1. Morl Thanhauser (b: June 25, 1819 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia)
  2. Samson Thanhauser (b: May 26, 1820 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia d. 19 Nov 1901 in New York, New York) married Jette Elkan (m: September 18, 1850) and had a daughter Matthilde Thanhauser (b: November 10, 1851) and a son Benjamin Thanhauser (b. 28 Jun 1853 in New York)
  3. Marx Thanhauser (b: February 16, 1822 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia
  4. Jochebet Thanhauser b: February 13, 1823 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia d: August 07, 1826 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia
  5. Abraham Thanhauser b: January 23, 1824 in Moenchsdeggingen, Bavaria d: December 20, 1888 in Munich, Germany), our ancestor, click here for more on his descendants.
  6. Michle (Mina) Thannhauser (b: February 04, 1828 in Moenchsdeggingen, Bavaria d: August 05, 1894 in Munich, Bavaria) married Jonas Thannhauser (b: December 01, 1833 in Hürben, Schwabia m: March 22, 1853 in Hürben, Schwabia d: September 06, 1890 in Munich, Bavaria) the ancestors of Justin K. Thannhauser, click here for more on their descendants:
  7. Alexander Thanhauser b: May 18, 1830 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia
  8. Mariam Thanhauser (b: August 20, 1830 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia d: September 26, 1831 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia)
  9. Sarah Thanhauser b: February 04, 1833 in Moenchsdeggingen, Bavaria d: in Moenchsdeggingen, Bavaria
  10. Feil Thanhauser b: August 18, 1837 in Moenchsdeggingen, Bavaria d: August 31, 1838 in Moenchsdeggingen, Bavaria
  11. Baer Thanhauser b: May 18, 1835 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia d: August 31, 1838 in Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia

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