June 7th—Friday

Went to Lees and gave lessons. Was to have gone to Prospect Park, but as it had rained, I spent the evening at the house with Anna instead, lovely time.

June 9th—Sunday

Andrew and Elvira came out this afternoon. Met Anna on 16th St. station and was to have gone to church, but went to the Park instead. After a little walk, we discovered a lonely and secluded hill on which we spent the evening. We had a charming time and left late.

June 14th—Friday

To Lees’ early. After the lessons, Anna and I went to the Park, where we had a most bewitching time. Went out on the lake in a rowboat, and retired to what is now known as “our hill”. After a charming time spent here, we walked home.

June l7th—Monday

My sweet friend’s birthday today. Seventeen years old. Went down to the house in the afternoon and had a most lovely time. I presented Anna with a little pocket book and some flowers, arid Mamma sent down a myrtle. In the evening the Male Chorus met at Lees’ by invitation —without knowing about the day—and had a most enjoyable time. Fine refreshments were served.

June l9th—Wednesday

Met Anna at her house on her invitation. Went to the Park and had a lovely time.

June 20th—Friday

To Lees’, gave lessons. Went with them to a concert of the Swedish Glee Club. It was awfully hot, but we had a good time. Met Petersens and Mr. Hagstrom who told me of a good position he had received in North Carolina.

June 30—Sunday

Male Chorus sang in forenoon in church. All of us to Lees' for dinner and the rest of the day. Other friends from the Male Chorus were present. Had a good time in spite of the sweltering weather..

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